Calaveras County

Non Resolution Agreement

1) Award RFP 20-0940-02-925 for the construction management of the Canyon View Drive Repair Project; 2) Authorize the Board Chair to execute an Agreement with UNICO Engineering, Inc. for Construction Management Services related to the Canyon View Drive Repair Project resulting from 2017 winter storms in an amount not to exceed $264,120.02 for the term of September 8, 2020 through December 31, 2021; and 3) Authorize the Auditor-Controller to process associated budget transfers increasing budget appropriations for the construction management and construction of the Canyon View Drive Road Repair Project requiring a 4/5 affirmative vote of the Board.


Department:Public WorksSponsors:
Category:Non Resolution AgreementProjects:Auditor Approval
Supervisorial District Numbers:District 3