Calaveras County

Action Item

1) Dispense with competitive bidding requirements pursuant to Chapter 3.28 of the County Ordinance; 2) Authorize the Purchasing Agent to piggyback on Sourcewell and State of California Department of General Services contracts identified in the table below for the acquisition of the Butte Fire Restoration Equipment in an amount not to exceed $1,237,505; 3) Authorize the capital equipment associated with this item to be added to the County’s capital equipment list; 4) Authorize the Purchasing Agent to issue Purchase Orders for the capital equipment; 5) Approve the budget transfer associated with the purchase of the capital equipment; and 6) Authorize the Purchasing Agent to utilize this awarded contract for any future subsequent purchases through any extended term, so long as funding is available within the requesting department's budget.


Department:Public WorksSponsors:
Category:Action ItemProjects:Auditor Approval
Supervisorial District Numbers:Countywide


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